DAIKURE has the technical prowess
to provide not only product development
but also the development of production equipment
DAIKURE is engaged in various product developments as the leading grating manufacturer.

Reasons to Choose DAIKURE

From Leading Japanese Manufacturer
to World Manufacturing Leader
DAIKURE was established as the first Japanese grating manufacturer in 1951 and has grown to be the leading manufacturer that boasts 40% of the Japanese market share. We are developing products and expanding our business with consideration for global environment preservation, not only within Japan but also through local subsidiaries we have established in Thailand and Taiwan. We are continually challenging ourselves to achieve the goal of global expansion.
Leading Manufacturer with 40% Domestic Share
DAIKURE was founded by an engineer who participated in the "Battleship Yamato" project as a naval engineer of Kure. After the project, he utilized the leading-edge technology of the time and obtained equipment for mass production of grating, growing DAIKURE to become the largest grating manufacturer in Japan.
In-House Development from Products to Production Equipment
DAIKURE is engaged in developing not only products but also manufacturing equipment. We use the technology cultivated over time through tradition and accumulated know-how to not only develop grating but many other diverse products to satisfy the needs of our times such as bridge-related and disaster-prevention products.
DAIKURE is Active from Japan to Across the Globe
DAIKURE successfully developed the world's first welded aluminum fin tubes by applying our grating welding technology. Our goal is to evolve grating technology for creating abundant social infrastructure to technology capable of contributing to the global environment to expand our global business operations.

Grating Features

Expert Technical Prowess Cultivated Through Tradition
DAIKURE actively develops products considerate to both people and the environment. We provide innovative grating with both precise attention to safety and environmental consideration.

Fin Tube Features

DAIKURE provides high-quality heat exchangers to all over the world.
In 1970, we ventured into heat exchanger industry, introducing high frequency resistance welded fin tubes for the first time in Asia. From Hiroshima and Taiwan factories, we provide products with excellent cost saving, operability and resource saving features within Japan and across the globe.

Product Introduction

Successfully Providing Products
to Hundreds of Companies
in Japan and Across the Globe
Check out our varied grating-based product lineup created from our own unique research and development such as products for slopes, and heat exchangers by applying our advanced welding technology, as well as bridge and disaster-prevention products.