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Daikure Green Panel

>>Daikure Anchor Panels

Daikure Green Panel is a legitimate technology registered with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's New Technology Information System (NETIS).

The slope installation reduction coefficient is µ=0.7~1.0.
Can be used for cut earth reinforcement of slope construction following the natural shape of the surrounding environment. The slope installation reduction coefficient is µ=0.7~1.0.
As curing time is unnecessary, this is a convenient construction product.
Can be installed in locations where earth excavation reinforcement work has been completed.
In the case of inverted lining installation, waiting time for excavation work is reduced, therefore large savings in construction time is possible.
No concern about decomposition
Since the product is made with FRP, corrosion by acidic soil, etc. is not a concern.
Consistent quality
Products are manufactured in a strictly quality-managed factory, so stable quality is assured.
On-site processing possible
As processing is simple, on-site cutting and processing for specific small portions and uses is possible.
Protects the seeds of plants
Further, the design of the grating results in a small "flower pot" effect that protects seeds from outside temperature differences and allows vegetation to take root.

Complete greenery coverage is possible and assists natural vegetation in taking root
Inside the grating spaces, soil erosion by rainwater is reduced and seeds are kept from escaping resulting in greenery that matches the surrounding environment allowing complete vegetation coverage.


Daikure Anchor Panels

>>Daikure Green Panel

<<Special Features>>

  • Materials
    FRP type grating panel with steel frame (SS400) compound pressure board
  • Greenery
    Aperture is over 40% therefore suitable for greenery.
  • Light and easy to handle
    Lighter than concrete and size has been reduced.
  • Shortening of construction time made possible
    Unlike on-site spray-on concrete products, curing time is not necessary thus reducing application time.
  • Anchor Method
    Anchor methods are not limited and can be freely selected.
  • Blending with the natural environment
    Promotes vegetation that matches the surrounding environment, and allows for full greenery coverage.
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