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Policy Regarding the Handling of Private Information


Daikure Co., Ltd. (Daikure) recognizes the importance of protecting the personal information of our customers. In the course of developing ever better products and providing excellent service, we strictly follow the applicable laws and handle the personal information of our customers as outlined below.


1. Purpose of Use

Daikure will use the personal information gathered from customers for the following purposes.

  1. To respond to inquiries
  2. To send written materials to those who have requested it
  3. To provide information about new products and company business

In cases where it is necessary to use the personal information of customers for purposes other than those outlined above, Daikure will inform customers of the fact in advance and receive approval. In cases where we do not receive approval, we will utilize the personal information only within the parameters listed above.


2. Provision of Information to Third Parties

Daikure will not provide personal information to any third party except in the cases listed below.

  1. When we have the approval of the customer to do so
  2. When providing information to partner companies with which we have signed an oath of secrecy (sales branches, subcontractors, etc.) for use within the above listed parameters
  3. When the judgment is made that responses to inquiries can be better provided by sales branches or related companies
  4. When information is requested by law from legal courts, government institutions, supervisory bodies, and other public institutions


3. Security Provisions

When handling personal information, Daikure will strive to manage information in an appropriate manner preventing inappropriate access, loss, alteration, and leaking of information.
Also, when we receive personal information through registration on our website, we will protect this information using SSL coding technology.


4. Regarding inquiries

When a customer inquires about their own information or requests changes, Daikure will confirm the identity of the customer according to company policy and handle the inquiry in a rational and rapid manner. For inquiries or requests regarding personal information, please contact us using the information listed below.


Daikure Co., Ltd. General Affairs Department

TEL : 0823-21-1331
FAX : 0823-25-7790
E-Mail :

   For other inquiries, please use the inquiry page