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Serving the Needs of Our Planet


Since our founding in 1951, we at Daikure as a leading manufacturer of grating, have produced numerous products in creating a comfortable living environment for people.

We believe that the main issue for people living in the 21st century is how to preserve our rich natural environment. From now on, it will be essential to not only answer the needs of our customers, but also answer the Needs of our Planet. In recent years, we have made a contribution through our Green Panel, a product that adds greenery along with the reinforcement of slopes. As well, our Super Alumi Fin Tube has contributed to the effective use of energy at numerous plants.

Our future product development will be enhanced by our long term experience, our technological prowess gained from accumulated results and our climate of consistently challenging ourselves never fearing failure. Technological excellence steeped in tradition, the ability to see change as an opportunity, and continually challenging ourselves -- This is the Daikure advantage.

" People-friendly" and "Earth-friendly" will continue to be keywords for product and project development. Daikure will strive to contribute to our planet, to humanity, and to the future.




Corporate Establishment May 26, 1951
We started our company with the name "Daikure Kosan Co., Ltd." In 1969, the company name was changed to Daikure Co., Ltd.
Location 1-24 Tsukiji-cho, Kure, Hiroshima, Japan
TEL (0823) 21-1331 FAX (0823) 25-7790
Capital ¥460,000,000
Representative Mr. Hiroshi Yamamoto, President
No. of Employees 450 (As of March 31, 2019)
Main Products Twist Grating
IBO IBO Non-skid Grating
IBO IBO Non-skid 50 Grating
ZARA ZARA Non-skid 50 Grating
NS Grating
DSK Protective Fencing for Bridges
FRP Grating
Stainless Steel Grating
Daikure Lip
Rain Shooter
Green Panel
Anchor Panel
Aluminum Grating
Fin Tube
Heat Exchange Machinery
Other Products
List of Locations in Japan

Headquarters : Kure

Branch Offices : Tokyo, Osaka,Chugoku,Kyushu

Sales Offices : Hokkaido,Tohoku,Chiba,Niigata, Chubu,
Shiga, Shikoku, Kagoshima

Factories : Kure, KureNo.2, Kawajiri, Hiroshima, Yasuura, Shikoku, Shiga, Chiba, Hokkaido

Consolidated Annual Sales 18,400 million yen (fiscal year ended March 2018)
Group Companies 18 companies
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List of Locations in Japan
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